Ubuntu: Indicator, notifier and blocker of Internet traffic


Which traffic monitor applications currently available can do the following things? (or some of them, in the worst case)

  • start recording how much Internet data is downloaded and uploaded with a connection managed by Ubuntu's default Network Manager
  • show the current amount of traffic reached since that date and time by an indicator in the notification area (right part of the Unity top panel) and by an equivalent element in KDE
  • notify with a pop-up message or similar method each time a user-defined amount of traffic has been reached (for example every 500 MegaBytes)
  • set in a "pause" condition the Internet activity if a user-defined amount of traffic has been reached (i.e. the connection is kept on)

I'm using NTM but it's limited: it records and shows the current amount of traffic in a floating window, not in the notification area; it notifies basing on time periods, not on data amounts; it can't pause the Internet activity.

Thank you for your help.


I can help you with 1st two choices.I mean starting monitor with current usage and showing total usage in month wise.

the application named as vnstat.you can install it with

sudo apt-get install vnstat  

then type as


it will show you the usage statistics.

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