Ubuntu: I set xgamma at startup, but it resets


I have a startup command to set my gamma in xgamma; whenever I log in, it flickers briefly to what I have it set to, then goes back to 1. Why? Is there a better way to adjust gamma defaults?


I had the same problem.

The solution for me was to set a sleep command in the bash script for 10 seconds to delay the initiation.

#! /bin/sh  sleep 10  xgamma -rgamma x.xxx -ggamma x.xxx -bgamma x.xxx  

This seems to work on 12.10 with HD 4000 graphics (mesa driver)

(If you need to create a script, you open your text editor, paste the lines above in the text file, chage x.xxx values to what you need, and save the file with .sh name ( is you file name))

(Than you want to add script to start up applications, type start up in unity bar, and than add the file in the new window)


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