Ubuntu: How to upgrade to a newer release of Ubuntu using the Live CD?


I've downloaded Ubuntu 13.10 daily CD and I want to upgrade all my computers using this Live CD (they all run Ubuntu 13.04 presently).

How can I upgrade to Ubuntu 13.10 exploiting the packages in the CD? Is there any standard procedure for this?

I tried this:

  • I rebooted into Live CD, searching for an option like "Upgrade from 13.04 to 13.10" (I think it used to appear in the alternate CD) but found nothing like that. -EDIT- Even if the option is not present it is possible to "mimic it" by entering manual partitioning and tell Ubuntu to reuse the existing partitions without formatting them. Ubuntu will keep user's data and install the updated software. Nevertheless this is not a viable solution because after the upgrade one has to reinstall all the programs he needs, since it is like having a vanilla Ubuntu.
  • I booted into Ubuntu 13.04 and added the CD to my software sources. I then proceeded with the upgrade however the CD was never accessed and everything was downloaded from the web.

I know, I know... I have other options rather than using the Live CD, namely:

  • Forget the CD and setup apt-cacher in the LAN
  • Copy the deb files from the CD into /var/cache/apt/archives/

But this looks unreasonable to me... Why can't I insert the CD and exploit its contents? I would like to avoid apt-cacher and if possible avoid also manually copying the packages.

Any idea on how to accomplish this?


You need the Alternate CD/DVD, which has all the packages required to perform upgrade. In other words, it is a replacement for the on-line access to Ubuntu repositories.

The Live CD contains only the current version of Ubuntu and its packages and just copies that over to your drive after dealing with partitioning.

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