Ubuntu: How to Unmount WIndows Partition Disk Permantely


I have dual OS (Windows 8 and Ubuntu), when I using Ubuntu, Windows partition Disks are automatically mounted in Explorer. I need to unmount permanently on every boot or permanently. I tried this in Gparted but when reboot it again mounted. Kindly Share your views.


If you want to do it nicely (i.e. really not mount the disks rather than mount them somewhere strange) it is a bit more complicated than what is suggested in the other answer. The best guide to follow is:

Hide your disks or partitions from Nautilus

I followed the guide just the other day and it worked well. Essentially you create a file /etc/udev/rules.d/99-hide-disks.rules in which you put the line


where sda1 is the name of the partition you want to hide. In some systems (12.10?) it can also be


Then you reboot.


This is just a possible workaround: The issue seems to be you don't want it mounted, I am assuming because it mounts in a certain spot that you don't want?

In this case you could go into fstab and have it auto mount on boot in a completely different location.


Fstab info

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