Ubuntu: how to transfer and install a software from one system to another?


I have already installed VLC in my Ubuntu 12.10 and i wish to transfer it to my friend who has no internet connection.so please help me out.


Try aptoncd

APT removable repository creator and package backup tool for Debian based systems.

This tool will allow you to create a media (CD or DVD) to use to install software via APT in a non-connected machine, as well upgrade and install the same set of softwares in several machines with no need to re-download the packages again.

Run the following to install the package via terminal Ctrl+Alt+T

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install aptoncd  

It makes a copy of all the packages on your system allowing you to install those packages on another system.

Just a side note, you could also copy all the deb files for the packages you have installed (as long as you haven't run sudo apt-get clean to clean the apt-get cache) from


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