Ubuntu: How to switch between windows 8 and Ubuntu?


I have been using Windows 8 pro previously then I installed Ubuntu with the Windows installer.

The installation was successful but when I start my computer it doesn't ask me which OS to boot and it boots Ubuntu as default OS. I have things to do in both OS's so I need to switch between them. How do I do that?


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Hold down (right) SHIFT to display the menu during boot. In certain cases, pressing the ESC key may also display the menu.


You need to tell the bootloader to stop starting the default OS.

From command line:

sudo gedit /etc/default/grub  

The option


will wait 10 seconds before starting the default OS. If you set it to -1 it will wait for you to choose an OS. After editing configuration you need to do a

sudo update-grub  

for it to accept the changes the next time you boot.

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