Ubuntu: How to shut down my computer?


I can't find a dialogue anywhere on the desktop (like on Windows Start/shutdown) to shut down Ubuntu. I downloaded and ran the Ubuntu live CD and after I ran it, I couldn't shut it down. I had to hold the on/off key on my computer for 4 seconds to shut down my computer to get back into Windows. If there is a button somewhere, why is it not obvious?


Go to the upper right corner and use the gear menu to select Shut Down.

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You can also momentarily press the power button, and a pop up dialog will appear with buttons for suspend, hibernate, restart and shutdown.


Here are 3 ways:

  1. You can type Ctl+Alt+T to bring up the Terminal. Then you can type either halt, or shutdown. With the shutdown command you need to specify a time. If you type shutdown 1, it will shutdown in one minute, if you type shutdown 5 it will wait 5 minutes and so on.
  2. The final option I know of is to add a keyboard shortcut by going to the top right corner and entering the System Settings>Keyboard>Shortcuts, then you'll click on the Custom Shortcuts text and click the + icon to add a custom shortcut. Just type in Shutdown or whatever you wish for the name. In the command dialog box type: /usr/lib/indicator-session/gtk-logout-helper -s and click save. Now you'll need to click where it says disabled, and you'll see the text change from disabled to New Shortcut. Now type a key command like Ctrl+Alt+End and save it.
  3. Or as the others have pointed out, you can use the power button.


You have to log in first. Press Esc, then log in, following that shut down via the top right corner.

I believe it's intended to keep unauthorized users from getting into the bios settings easily.

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