Ubuntu: How to save scrollback history in byobu?


I've had an interesting terminal session in byobu, and I'd like to save the terminal output (commands and all) to a file - how can I do that?

According to the byobu man page:

Ctrl-a ~ - Save the current window's scrollback buffer

This may indeed be doing something, but I've found no indication of where and under what name it might be saved.


Or, you can simply use Byobu's hotkey for this:

  • Shift-F7

That will take your history and put it into your favorite editor. Now, just save that buffer to a file. If you're in vi or vim, you can using :wq /tmp/out


An old question still not workably answered, and I hit the need again.

This time I found a workable solution. From man byobu:

SCROLLBACK, COPY, PASTE MODES       Each  window  in  Byobu  has  up to 10,000 lines of scrollback history,     which you can enter and navigate using the alt-pgup and alt-pgdn  keys.     Exit  this  scrollback mode by hitting enter.  You can also easily copy     and paste text from scrollback mode.  To do so, enter scrollback  using     alt-pgup  or  alt-pgdn,  press the spacebar to start highlighting text,     use up/down/left/right/pgup/pgdn to select the text, and press enter to     copy  the  text.  You can then paste the text using alt-insert or ctrl-     a-].  
  1. I hit F7 to enter scrollback mode,
  2. Space to start selecting,
  3. scrolled to the top of the buffer, either with lots of Page up or : followed by the largest line number (indicated top right) and Page up to get to the top of that page,
  4. Enter to copy (to byobu's clipboard, not a terminal/system one),
  5. then cat > my-byobu-dump.txt in the terminal,
  6. Alt+Insert or ctrl+A+] to paste (again, from byobu's clipboard)
  7. Ctrl+D to close the file.


Select the text you wish to save, then press Control + Shift + C Next, open your favorite text editor. Then paste the content here using Control + V . Finally save the file in the desired location.

TERMINAL TIP OF THE DAY: When trying to copy something in terminal do it as usual expect use Control + Shift + C instead of Control +C, and paste as usual. For pasting something that is on the clipboard into the terminal use Control + Shift + V.


Use Ctrl+A+~ to copy the scrollback buffer to the byobu clipboard.

Paste the text into an editor using Alt+insert or Ctrl+A+].

(Adjust Ctrl+A if you've changed your escape key.)


If you're used not to use the F-keys then this might work for you:

  • Ctrl+a, [: enter the scrollback mode
  • Space enter the copy mode (optional)
  • Enter exit the scrollback or copy mode
  • Ctrl+a, ]: paste what was copied


Ctrl+A+] will work if you type from 1 to 20 times or more with abracodabra. But the only one command will work without headache.To paste text from buffer to terminal or file. And winner is Alt+Ins.,say hello to Byobu is GPLv3 software, authored and maintained by Dustin Kirkland.

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