Ubuntu: How to Revamp my hard-drive and then do a dual-boot windows xp and ubuntu 12.04 LTS Ubuntu currently installed


I had Ubuntu 12.04 LTS on a second hand PC I bought sometime back and I have to say its better than windows any day. However now I need both windows and Ubuntu on my PC. I've already backed up data and burned a Windows XP Sp3 installation cd. One of my biggest problem is that my hard drive has about 4-5 partitions and 2 unallocated of about 5 gb and 7 mb. I have put a screenshot of Gparted. I really don't know much about computers in details so I want everything to go smoothly. Here's what I'm going for:

  1. Undoing all partitions into one.
  2. Installing Windows XP
  3. Create a second partition
  4. Install Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

Hard drive is about 320 GB SATA. How to undo partitions. Should I go in for a complete format? Much appreciated if anyone can guide me here. Thanks a lot!

Gparted Screenshot


Sounds like you're on the right track. Install windows before Ubuntu works best.

One way to format the drive is to use a Linux distro with gparted on it that runs form a CD. This way the drive is not mounted. I don't think you can safely format a mounted root partition.

What you want to do in GParted is delete all the partition then apply, that should be fine. Windows should be able to then format the drive in the windows installation process. Have windows only create a partition for itself leaving space for ubunut.

If you have issues you could drop to the windows console in the installation process and run 'fixboot' and 'fixmbr'. When you install ubunut grub will take over the Master boot record process.

Your on the right track.

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