Ubuntu: How to remove Ubuntu from dual boot system with Windows 7?


I wish to remove Ubuntu and I'm not quite sure how. I know it has something to do with partitions. I have 3 partitions. 1. OS [683 GB] 2. Recovery [14 GB] 3. Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (E:)

I know it says Ubuntu but when I installed Ubuntu I think I put 14 gigabytes for it so I think its the recovery one but I'm not sure. I could have sworn I put more than 700 megabytes for it.

I have googled this and I can't seem to find an answer. Any help would be nice.

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I don't see any ext2 ext 3 or ext4 filesystems which would be a regular Ubuntu install, this leads me to wonder-did you install Ubuntu using Wubi???

If so you can just remove it with your Windows add and Remove Programs window, It should be listed as "Ubuntu" as far as Windows is concerned it's just another program and can be removed

Also as the comment to your question said and I also belive, the 12.04LTS that is showing is an Ubuntu install CD.


I have your answer.

  1. Boot to a live CD with Ubuntu
  2. Go to a live session
  3. Download and install os-uninstaller with the 3 DEBs on the website.
  4. Start the software and select what operating system you want to uninstall. os-uninstaller-fr
  5. Then click on "Validate" and the soft will do the rest.
  6. When all is over, reboot your computer, and that's it, only windows is on your computer!


If you have an UEFI boot PC, you'll encounter a problem with GRUB, because GRUB is partially installed on EFI partition and has the priority while booting. What I did is that after uninstalling Ubuntu ,you can do that the mentioned way, or by simply booting into Ubuntu live CD or USB stick and formatting Linux partitions with GParted, I formatted the EFI partition as well, and then did Windows boot recovery from Windows installation disk.

I have to mention i read dozens of advice and tutorials and lost bunch of time with methods that don't work. In the end I did the only thing that seemed logical to me be4 reinstalling windows and it worked like a charm.

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