Ubuntu: How to remove ubuntu and install xp? [duplicate]


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Switching OS from Ubuntu to XP?

dvd player works during start up, but stops after few seconds. then ubuntu starts up. so I can't install xp. I changed bios to dvd on 1. I heard that I could loosen the cmos battery, but I dare not doing that. Is there an other way?


are you using a built-in cdrom? check if you have any other options like TSSW or something similar in the boot order. somtimes the cdrom entry doesn't really represent your actual cdrom. just put everything you have in that boot order in front of your harddrive and see what happenes.

if that still does not help, try a differetn cdrom drive or a different bootable cd. it could be that the cd cannot be read by your cdrom for whatever reason (cdrom defective, dusty etc. or cd scratched).

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