Ubuntu: How to partition a fully used hard drive


I installed Ubuntu on my laptop which when I got it I had Fedora 13 installed on it as the OS. Now I want to install Fedora 18 in a dual boot with Ubuntu. Problem is when I installed Ubuntu, I didn't partition for dual boot and I gave the entire hard drive to Ubuntu and no longer have the space to dual boot. How can I lower the partition on Ubuntu to make space on the hard drive for Fedora? I want to split the hard drive 50/50 between the two.

Thanks in advance.


You can achieve this using Gparted.
Boot from a live ubuntu cd or usb. Open gparted (it's pre-installed in live cd or usb). Select the partition on which you have installed Ubuntu. Right click and select option Resize/Move. Then you can shrink the partition as per your need.
This will create an unallocated space. Create new partition of it.
Now you can install Fedora 18 on it.

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