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I'm planning to fresh install ubuntu with windows 7 running beside it. Could anyone give me tips on how to do this and which to do first? Also how exactly to partition.


I think the previous poster pointed you to an excellent previous post though.

First of all ... Are you starting from scratch (so there is nothing on the disk) or is Win7 already installed.

When I start from scratch I like to use an Ubuntu Live CD first to create the partitions (See Below). I then install Win7 and later I install Ubuntu into the partitions I have setup.

My Boot partition looks something like this.

/boot = 1Gb  -> Obviously where all the boot images go  /     = 20Gb -> Ubuntu Root  /win7 = 55Gb -> I Install Win7 here so as my C: drive  /home = 50Gb -> I like a separate partition for my home dir as then if I need to re-install Ubuntu or replace it with another OS then I don't ruin my data  /swap 4Gb  

In total a 140Gb drive ...

Hope this helps.

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