Ubuntu: How to migrate to KDE?


In the next few weeks I'm going to be seriously trying KDE. I've noticed that I'm slowly ripping more and more out of the default Ubuntu system so I can stick with one panel on the bottom of the screen (Win95-style) so it seems to make sense to move to a KDE than stay with the sinking, unmaintained ship that is gnome-panel.

I'll be testing in a persisting Live USB environment but assuming I like KDE, I'll want to migrate my existing install. A fresh Kubuntu install would take me too long to re-set-up all my server stuff.

So, what's the best way to install a proper KDE environment and then clean out the Gnome environment?

In the past, I've installed kubuntu-desktop to play with but this has trashed both environments with extra applications and dodgy file associations.

In a slightly separate vein, is it possible to have Gnome and KDE installed on the same instance of Ubuntu without them trashing each other with their own applications?


I tend to create separate partitions for '/' and '/home' so that a fresh install can be done without losing files and settings on the home partition... That way you can try as many different distros as you like with a fresh install...


You could use Mate, the Gnome 2 fork that is used in Linux Mint. That would not be sinking that badly.

I think that the problem with file associations is that they are not specific for the desktop, but saved in some central folder. There is mimeopen and xdg-open, which do not have anything to do with either desktop. So I do not think that you can separate that, without using different user accounts.

There should be a KDE minimal package, that does not install too much stuff.

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