Ubuntu: how to make iphone as a mouse via bluetooth


Ubuntu 12.10, Bluetooth 2.0

I'm looking for a way to use my iphone as a mouse using bluetooth connection. It's already and certainly work when I'm using Mac or Windows. The reason why I want to use bluetooth is because when I try use adhoc connection, there is a lag between my iphone(mouse) and output on the computer.

Anyone know how to setup iphone's mouse via bluetooth?



I found a project called touchmoused that simulates Logitech Touch Mouse app.


touchmouchd will act as a server for Logitech's Touch Mouse app for IOS or other clients using the same network protocol. The Logitech Touch Mouse app will allow you to control your mouse and keyboard using your IOS device.

Implemented features

  • Mouse buttons
  • Mouse movement
  • Two-finger scroll
  • Alphanumeric key support (1..9, a..z, A..Z)
  • Modifier key support (Ctrl, Alt)
  • Some other keys

The software is in fact a daemon so save the script, make it executable and have a look at the help at the bottom on how to use it. It is a year old and looks like an coding example attempt so mileage may vary


Besides that there is an app called Remotepad in your store.


RemotePad is an open source application that controls the mouse cursor of your desktop PC. This way, you can use your iPhone or iPod touch as a wireless touchpad!


  • Mouse control with a virtual touchpad.
  • Software keyboard for ascii text inputs.
  • Server support for major platforms, namely, Mac OS X, Windows, Linux and BSD.
  • Bonjour (Zeroconf) server detection under Mac OS X.
  • Customizable appearence and behaviour.

    • number of buttons to display
    • tap clicking and dragging
    • dragging with mouse button dragging
    • landscape mode
    • two finger tapping for secondary click
    • button location (triple tapping and continuously dragging to move)
  • Vertical and horizontal scrolling. with two fingers with center button dragging

    • Mouse (pseudo)control via accelerometer.
    • Send arrow keys. (double tapping and continuously dragging to enter arrow keys)
  • Demo mode.

    • you can show a tap view and a setup view without any servers (to enter a demo mode, tap your iPhone name and hold four seconds)
    • nothing happen :-)


Remotepad requires build-essential and libxtst-dev to run. You can install them with the command:

sudo apt install build-essential libxtst-dev  

Download remotepad source code.


  • sudo apt-get install build-essential libxtst-dev
  • Download the remotepad and move it to /opt or where ever you want if not /opt.
  • Untar/Unzip the package and this will create a directory called RemotePad Server
  • cd ~/"RemotePad Server"/X11 and "make" it...

    ./configure  make  sudo make install  
  • To start it run remotepad.

Source #1 and Source #2

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