Ubuntu: How to make compiz works with Ubuntu 12.04? [closed]



I've been installing Compiz since my first Ubuntu version (8.04). In each version, there are some issues, but each time I found a solution on the web.

This time, it seems that nobody encountered the same issue.

I'm running an Ubuntu 12.04. I installed ccsm, compiz-fusion and configured it for cube with cylinder for 4 screens in line and no column and déformer les fenêtre (in French version or Deform windows or something else).

The problems are the following:

  • When I open a window on full screen, the window is misplaced (one half on a screen and the other on another). Moreover, when I click it for the first time, the window move instantly from the screen to an other area of the cube (the same screen or another)

    I tested to remove the "deform option" and it works properly, but I love this option, it's fun to see your window moving from left to right like bubblegum

  • Compiz offers a way to open the 4 screens in the same time with Alt+Ctrl+down (in the French configuration by default) but when I try it my computer freezes and it's very sad.

So my question is simple: how to make it works?

My configuration: NVIDIA GeForce 310M with NVIDIA's drivers,
Ubuntu 12.04 (with Unity),
CCSM and Compiz-Fusion

Bye !

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