Ubuntu: How to make apt:// urls to open with Gdebi or apturl?


When I click on a apt:// link in Chromium Ubuntu Software Center handles the link. How can I change it to gdebi/apturl?


Gdebi doesn't have functionality of opening apt: links, however apturl does.There is a way to set default application for x-scheme-handler links with xdg-mime command.

First make sure apturl is installed on your system,

sudo apt-get install apturl  

Latest version of chromium already uses xdg-open for any x-scheme-handler links.To configure xdg-open with apturl , go through following steps:

Make sure they are all set correctly:

  • Hit Alt+F2
  • Enter gconf-editor
  • Navigate to the /desktop/gnome/url-handlers/apt/command, it should be set to apturl "%s".

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Now set apturl default for any apt links:

xdg-mime default apturl.desktop x-scheme-handler/apt  

It will set apturl as default application for apt links.You can check it by running xdg-mime query default x-scheme-handler/apt in the terminal(output would be apturl.desktop)

Now whenever you click apt in chromium, it will use apturl.

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