Ubuntu: how to know which standard does my Wi-Fi Connection using currently


My laptop has capabilities of 802.11n connection. with my previous router i could connect with more than 54Mb connection. now i have D-Link router and for some reason the maximum connection speed is 54Mb, which implying that the connection has established with 802.11g.

how can i check which standard (g or n) has been established? is there any command that get that information? (nm-applet does not give any information about that at the connection information window).


  1. try lshw -C network
  2. try iwconfig and search for Bit Rate
  3. try lspci | grep -i wireless
  4. wavemon is the ultimate tool for wireless


With sudo lshw -C network you should be able to see which modes you wifi adapter supports. But since your problem seems to be the router find out your wifi adapters name using iwconfig (should be something like wlan0 or eth0). Then try a iwlist wlan0 scan (replace wlan0 with your adapters name). It will list the supported bit rates. If the highest is is 54Mbit/s your router doesn't seem to support the n standard.

This way you can find out if you should be able to connect with the n standard. Sadly I know no way to find out what standard the present connection uses.

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