Ubuntu: How to install VMware Workstation 9 on Ubuntu 12.04?


How can I install VMware-Workstation-9.0.0-812388.x86_64.bundle on Ubuntu 12.04? I ran the following steps in the terminal:

ls    cd Downloads    sudo sh VMware-Workstation-9.0.0-812388.x86_64.bundle    

... and when I pressed Enter the command line returned to the Downloads folder.


  1. Download your installer.

  2. Open the Terminal (Dash Home > Search for Terminal)

  3. Change the file permission to make it executable

    chmod 755 VMware-Workstation-Full-9.x.x.x86_64.bundle  
  4. Install workstation

    sudo ./VMware-Workstation-Full-9.x.x.x86_64.bundle  
  5. Then follow the simple installation steps.


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