Ubuntu: How to install Ubuntu on XPS 15 Platinum - 2014 version properly


Just receive a new computer (Dell XPS 15 Platinum - 2014 version).

I want to install Ubuntu on this one but I'm not sure everything can work... Here are some feature I'm afraid it does not work:

  • touchscreen
  • awesome dell pad
  • great battery life (support of various hardware behaviors)
  • only one in/out sound plug
  • very high resolution (1800p !)

For now I can't test anything: I tried serveral live usb keys but the system never starts. I'm blocked on the logo with every little circle loaded.

Things I notice:

  • My computer get hot while I wait at this step
  • I can't stop everything just by clicking my shutdown button

Do you know why I can't test ? If Ubuntu has a good support of theses things ?

Thanks !


Look at this: Ubuntu on the Precision M3800 or XPS15 Nov 2013


You should just follow standard UEFI install procedures. Best to use 13.10 as it supposedly includes all of sputnik or wait for 12.04.4 in Jan. Very new systems need newest version of Linux/Ubuntu.

Shows install with screen shots for both BIOS & UEFI, so you know which you are using.


Also shows Windows 8 screens

Installing Ubuntu Alongside a Pre-Installed Windows with UEFI

Boot Repair -Also handles LVM, GPT, separate /boot and UEFI dual boot. required for UEFI & grub bug fixes


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