Ubuntu: How to install BURG on Ubuntu 13.04 with Windows 8 dual boot?


I've dual booted my laptop with Windows 8 pro and Ubuntu 13.04 Now i want to try themes on the grub2 because the grub 2 UI sucks :(

I've that BURG solves the problem for that

so can anyone help me how to install BURG in this dual boot case?


Follow these steps to install burg

  • Add to repository and install from there:

    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:n-muench/burg  sudo apt-get update   sudo apt-get install burg burg-themes  
  • While installing select ok (press Tab to select ok) for each message. and select sda for grub install devices message. You can use Space to select the option.

  • Update burg boot loader

    sudo update-burg  
  • Reboot your system.

Here are some hot keys to customize Burg:

t â€" Open theme selection menu  f â€" Toggle between folding mode  n â€" Jump to the next item with the same class  w â€" Jump to the next Windows item  u â€" Jump to the next Ubuntu item  e â€" Edit the command of current boot item  c â€" Open a terminal window  2 â€" Open two terminal windows  h â€" Display help dialog (only available in sora theme)  i â€" Display about dialog (only available in sora theme)  q â€" Return to old grub menu  F5/ctrl-x â€" Finish edit  F6 â€" Switch window in dual terminal mode  F7 â€" List the folded boot items  F8 â€" Toggle between graphic and text mode  F9 â€" shutdown  F10 â€" reboot  ESC â€" quit from the current popup menu or dialogue  

It should work for you also.. :)

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