Ubuntu: how to get wireless to work on my HP Compaq nx6325 Notebook on 12.04


When my laptop ran XP, the wireless worked perfectly. Now the only way I get internet is having it wired in my living room - which is MASSIVELY inconvenient for me seeing as my room is outside. I have downloaded the driver from 'Additional Drivers', reset my computer (with difficulty, it also doesn't seem to like turning off, so I have to 'kill' it) and still nothing! I have looked all over the internet trying to find solutions but I just cant seem to get it to work. I have a USB wireless stick but I can't load the driver from the CD.

I got this comment on a previous question: "Using either Snaptic Package Manager or Ubuntu's own Software Centre, remove "bcmwl-kernel-source" if it's already installed.

Next, search for "firmware-b43-installer” and “b43-fwcutter” and install both.

Finally, running Software Sources and checking the Additional Drivers tab you should find Broadcom STA Wireless Driver that you can select, install and on reboot hopefully have wireless working ok..."

Which I replied: "Right, so I tried to find/remove "bcmwl-kernel-source" but couldn't find anything. I managed to install both "firmware-b43-installer” and “b43-fwcutter” using terminal, after finding out how it worked. And lastly, I couldn't figure out how to find 'Broadcom STA Wireless Driver' - still no more additional drivers. And my wireless is still not working. My laptop has a button that turns wifi on and off and since I put Ubuntu on it, it hasn't worked. And also, my computer still doesn't seem to restart properly - it just gets stuck on the ubuntu loading screen." - hope that helps, somewhat

I am VERY new to Linux, not very technical and in need of help! -Running Ubuntu 12.04 32bit on a HP Compaq nx6325 Notebook

Thank you to anyone who replies, its much appreciated


After numerous attempts and many websites... This worked.

a. sudo apt-get purge bcmwl-kernel-source broadcom-sta-common broadcom-sta-source && sudo apt-get install b43-fwcutter firmware-b43-installer

b. Press Enter. When prompted, type your password. Press Enter again.

c. Remove the ethernet cable.

d. Reboot your computer.

Credit: https://sites.google.com/site/easylinuxtipsproject/internet


Please do:

sudo apt-get purge bcmwl-kernel-source  sudo apt-get install linux-firmware-nonfree  sudo modprobe -rv wl  sudo modprobe -v b43  

if there are any errors just continue and your wireless should come on. Make sure to unplug your usb adaptor first and after you are done with the commands disable ethernet so wireless can take over.

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