Ubuntu: How to get Ubuntu Server installed from Ubuntu Minimal?


Once I install Ubuntu minimal, then I have option to customize it the way I want.

I can either use it as such with the terminal mode,
Make it ubuntu desktop by apt-get install ubuntu-desktop
Make it kubuntu by apt-get install kubuntu-desktop
Make it Lubuntu by apt-get install lubuntu-desktop
and so on....

One can see a difference with the Ubuntu server version, that during installation it gives option to select

  • SSH Server
  • Tomcat Server
  • LAMP
  • DNS Server , etc

Now I am looking for a way or a command something like apt-get install ubuntu-server
so that I may install ubuntu-minimal and then proceed with the further process of
making it server in one go.

I don't want to install individual components (like components of LAMP or DNS) one by one. I am looking for an automated way similar to the one present in Ubuntu server distribution.


That functionality is provided by tasksel (unsurprisingly, it's in the tasksel package):

sudo apt-get install tasksel  sudo tasksel  

this will present you with a menu of options, such as:

 [*] OpenSSH server   [ ] DNS server   [ ] LAMP server   [*] Mail server   [ ] Openstack   [ ] PostgreSQL database   [*] Print server  

You should then be able to select the ones you want, and tasksel will handle the package installation.

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