Ubuntu: How to get past “sending 'system' (92311 KB)…” when installing ubuntu on Nexus 7


I'm in the process of installing the Ubuntu image onto my Nexus 7 following these directions.

I am on the step 4 and typed in phablet-flash -b and it downloaded some files, erased 'system' and is now on

sending 'system' (92311 KB)...  

However, it has been on this step for about 3 hours now. I am assuming it shouldn't take this long so how can I go about getting out of this and restarting the flash without bricking my device?


If the system is stuck, you can safely start over albeit you will have to do it manually.

I'm going to say with a high degree of confidence that the devices that provide a fastboot interface and more so all the Nexus devices are mostly unbrickable unless you flash the bootloader, notice that I say bootloader and not the boot image.

So to start from scratch, reboot the device into fastboot once more. You can do so by pressing power and holding the Volume up and down keys all at the same time.

Locate your image files, I will shortly refer to them as system.img, boot.img and recovery.img from which I am omitting the device specific tag (grouper in the case of the Nexus 7 for a more generic answer).

Once you locate them just run:

fastboot flash system system.img  fastboot flash boot boot.img  

Optionally flash the recovery.img which phablet-flash -b does for you anyways:

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img  

Then boot into recovery

fastboot boot recovery.img  

Once in recovery, locate the Ubuntu side of the install, the file should be named saucy-preinstalled-phablet-armhf.zip (given that you are working on an unflipped model, the flipped/unflipped will make more sense in the following days from the date of this post). Push this so it is deployed by recovery:

adb push saucy-preinstalled-phablet-armhf.zip /sdcard/autodeploy.zip  adb reboot recovery  

It should be mostly done after this.

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