Ubuntu: How to get Google Drive (Docs) search to work in Unity Dash?


How to get Google Drive (Docs) search to work in Unity Dash?

I've added my Google account in the Online Accounts System Settings panel.

I'm using Ubuntu 13.04 with the following packages installed:

ii  unity-lens-applications  ii  unity-lens-files  un  unity-lens-friends  un  unity-lens-gdocs  un  unity-lens-music  un  unity-lens-photos  un  unity-lens-shopping  un  unity-lens-video    un  unity-scope-calculator  un  unity-scope-colourlovers  un  unity-scope-deviantart  un  unity-scope-gallica  un  unity-scope-gdocs  ii  unity-scope-gdrive  un  unity-scope-github  un  unity-scope-googlenews  un  unity-scope-imdb  un  unity-scope-launchpad  un  unity-scope-manpages  un  unity-scope-openclipart  un  unity-scope-openweathermap  un  unity-scope-soundcloud  un  unity-scope-virtualbox  un  unity-scope-yahoostock  un  unity-scope-yelp  


Looking at my own installation, you can open the Dash, then click the 'files' lens and type in the name of your document that's on Google Drive. This works for me

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