Ubuntu: How to fix wrong system time and date?


I just ran a clean install of 12.10 on my sys76 laptop.

Time and date reads: 19:36 31 december 1969, even though it is: 13:29 07 november 2012.

I have it set for my location and it won't change manually, even tried in the command line with tz.

I think it is messing up the security certificates over the Internet cause I cannot change PPA over command line and going to Launchpad brings up the certificates page in Firefox.

Is this some known bug or is there a fix for it?



sudo ntpdate ntp.ubuntu.com  

Yes it would certainly mess with the SSL certs because they would be future-dated.

It doubt it's a bug in Ubuntu, your CMOS clock in the BIOS must have been set to that somehow.


Just install ntp server:

sudo apt-get install ntp  

It will automatically keep your clock synchronized.


After installing 12.10 I had the same problem as well. Somehow the new installation set the BIOS clock to the year 2070 !! After this, Ubuntu wasn't able to set a different date both by ntp, manually, even using the date command.

Setting the right date in the BIOS settings solved the problem.


Install ntp and ntpdate executing the following commands-

sudo apt-get install ntp  sudo apt-get install ntpdate  

Then, execute

sudo ntpdate ntp.ubuntu.com  

This works for me.

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