Ubuntu: How to enable to work only one card on my laptop?


I have a laptop with Intel HD and Nvidia GPU video cards and I have a problem with installing drivers for the second. They mess everything up. Unity don't want to start, because GLX MISSING ON DISPLAY 0:0 and resolution of screen is 640x480, though, I can't change it in terminal.

xrandr -s 1920x1080  

says this kind of mode doesn't exist.

I looked up this problem and it's due to Nvidia drivers (I tried to install 310.14, but it doesn't work with other versions neither), so I want Ubuntu to see only my Nvidia card and forget about Intel one.

How do I do it?


An article in Ubuntu Community Help covers the subject of Hybrid Graphics.

I will outline the main things:

First you've to determine if your kernel has been compiled with the proper option. When it has this option you can use this option to activate a GPU. You can do this by terminal and with a GUI. The script for this GUI has been provided in the article.

Note that this method is not supported by all machines and only works if you are using the opensource driver (nouveau, radeon) and not the proprietary ones (nvidia, fglrx).

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