Ubuntu: How to edit the disk partition?


When I installed Ubuntu I had already windows 7 in my computer and I installed Ubuntu aside windows 7, but when I did the disk partition I did it the opposite of what I wanted (I mean I give Ubuntu 500G and windows 7 200G but what I wanted actully is the opposite)

Is there any way to edit disk partition?


gparted is a great partitioning tool - I have used it to resize FAT, NTFS, EXT[2..4] and haven't run into any issues as of yet. However - with all disk operations there is always the possibility of failure and that should always be weighed during resizing.

Make sure you have nothing mounted to the drives you're attempting to resize, ensure that you have ample CPU and RAM to perform the operations. If you're on a Laptop make sure it's plugged in and that it won't suspend or hibernate while performing these operations. Lastly this can be time intensive - my last tip is, while gparted is running it may appear unresponsive or frozen. Just let it finish.

from: Is GParted a good tool for resizing an NTFS partition?

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If you familiar with command line tool then this would be usefull.

Usr fdisk command with proper knowledge of disk partition.disk uses link

or refer man page of fdisk man page and make

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