Ubuntu: How to do a clean install of ubuntu on a GPT disk while keeping the partition table?


Is there anyway to do it? I tried first using gdisk on my old partition table (mbr) then using liveCD to do a clean (and encrypted) installation. After that I ended up with a MBR again. I don't mind having to wipe out my disk (again).


If the disk has no existing partitions, the installer might be creating a fresh and new partition table; but it should not do that if the disk has existing partitions and if you tell the installer to use the (badly named) "something else" setup option, which requires you to set up your partitions manually. Thus, you might consider setting up your partitions ahead of time and using the "something else" option to assign them mount points and filesystem types.


On the something else option, select "use this volume for encryption" (or something like that) on the partition manager.

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