Ubuntu: How to disable changing desktop background (wallpapers) automatically in Ubuntu 12.04?


After I upgraded to the Ubuntu 12.04, it seems if I want a wallpaper, the only option is the default one, and the desktop background (wallpapers) would be changed throughout the day (once per hour). The problem is that it seems to be not very stable, especially in the case of using two monitors, it crashes during changing the wallpaper from time to time, quite annoying.

Is there a way to disable changing desktop background (wallpapers) throughout the day in Ubuntu 12.04?


When you right click on your desktop and select "Change My Desktop Background" (alternatively type "Appearance" in the Dash). You will see little Icons on some of the wallpaper selections.

These represent the slideshow you want to remove. Select an alternative Wallpaper (with no icon) and this effect will be removed. See my comments above if you want to add your own wallpaper.

For additional information the dynamic wallpaper slideshow wallpapers are driven by the contest.xml file hosted in usr/share,backgrounds


You should be able to use some other background. If you don't see the other standard backgrunds, click onto the little plus-icon and navigate to /usr/share/backgrounds. There you should find all standard backgrounds.

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