Ubuntu: How to create a bookmark under “computer” in the Sidebar of the nautilus file manager in 12.04?


Somehow, I removed the Downloads bookmark in the Sidebar under "Computer". Is there any way I can make a new one? Possibly with the same icon? I still have my Downloads directory. I just don't have the bookmark under "Computer" anymore, and it has the ordinary folder icon. I know it's not the most significant question, but it's a question nonetheless. Also, I'm not sure, but it may be important to note that I'm using unity 2d.

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You need to do a couple of things then a log out/in should restore. (may be another way but this should suffice

First restore your current Downloads folder's icon

Open your home folder & right click on the Downloads folder > properties. Click on the folder icon, this will bring up a select custom icon window.

Browse to File System > usr > share > icons > Humanity > places > 48 & select the 1st folder_downloads.svg This should restore the icon to your Downloads folder

Now back in nautilus window > home folder

View > Show Hidden Files, open the folder .config. Inside is a file - user-dirs.dirs

You can either edit or just delete this file. If deleting then after do a log out in & hopefully all will be restored. If you want to edit then look for this line - XDG_DOWNLOAD_DIR="$HOME/" & edit to this


Then do a log out/in


Enter the directory you want to bookmark and go to Bookmarks â†' Add bookmark or just press Ctrl+D.


Just drag it there (literally). It'll make a shortcut / link

You can see how I've done this here for various folders.

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My experience has been that you cannot really delete these shortcuts directly. If you rename the Downloads directory, then the shortcut will automatically rename itself to match the new name, even if you create a new directory named Downloads. So, how did you delete it?

Do you have a shortcut with the white down arrow in a folder? If so, that would be the former Downloads folder, and if you were to rename the actual folder, the shortcut will be renamed.

Is your current downloads folder named "Downloads", exactly? The first thing I do with a new distro is to delete all those folders (Pictures, Documents, Downloads, Music), and then add back a link to a shared partition, and name the links back to the original names. It then assumes the special icon automatically.

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