Ubuntu: How to connect to Windows PC in graphical mode?


My basic desktop PC uses Ubuntu 12.04. However for work I need a few programs (like Hec-Ras) that I didn't succeed to run trough wine or play on linux.

I thought of easy solution: to connect Windows PC in graphical mode. I can succeed with it using TeamViewer, however I'd like to connect trough my local network. How do I achieve that?

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You can just use Teamviewer for Linux if you are familiar with it.

Otherwise you have 2 options, RDP or VNC.

RDP is windows Remote desktop sharing and there are linux clients for it like rdesktop. Advantage of RDP is windows side setup is relatively easier.

Install the rdesktop package, then from a terminal window use the following command line:

rdesktop -u REMOTE_USER_NAME -g 1024x768 REMOTE_HOST  

It opens a remote session for the REMOTE_USER_NAME on the REMOTE_HOST. The screen (window) resolution is set through the -g parameter.

VNC is more well known on Linux. There are several servers you can use on Windows(UltraVNC is one that I have some experience with) to share your desktop and then connect using the inbuild VNC client in Ubuntu.


I suggest to try tightvnc. TightVNC is a free remote control software package. With TightVNC, you can see the desktop of a remote machine and control it.


You can use rdesktop to access windows PCs from a linux box. or check whether your distribution is having remote desktop client. Create a new connection in that and use the protocol remote desktop protocol.

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