Ubuntu: How to circumvent full system update to install just 'build-essentials'?


After I install a fresh copy of Ubuntu (version 12.04), I need to install build-essentials. To do so, in the terminal I have to run this first:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade  

before I'm able to install build-essentials.

These two commands take a lot of time and install many things.

Is there a way to install build-essentials without running these two commands, or a way that these two commands don't install all the updates and hence will take less time?


Your package manager has to be updated once so it knows the package lists (The catalogue of packages that are available). Only then can you install any new package in a new installation.

To avoid bandwidth consumption, please do sudo apt-get update at the least, so your computer knows where to get the packages from. Upgrade can be avoided, unless you get errors when you do the next step: sudo apt-get install build-essentials.

You might also want to install binutils-gold if you are compiling OpenGL or something similar.


Build Essentials packages is part of compiling tools: CompilingEasyHowTo

Thus, users strongly recommended to update and upgrade their distributions to minimize compiler/packager(installer) errors.

Hence the fact, even though you're do not planned to compile, you're need to be sure that your packagers and de-packagers is working right way.

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