Ubuntu: How to “undo” (revert) Ctrl+L? [duplicate]


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I'm on 12.04 Desktop. When browsing the file system, it's convenient to type Ctrl+L so as to get the file path "Location" to render as a string; I can then modify the file path or even paste something in and get redirected right where I want to go.

But often, after typing Ctrl+L, I find myself wanting to revert back to the normal way Nautilus renders the file path (as a series of buttons/links). What's the magical shortcut to "undo" Ctrl+L and go back to "normal mode"? Thanks in advance!


Just press esc. Also make sure that location bar is focused while pressing esc.


You can also press Enter with the same or a different path.
It will change back to the normal button mode.

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