Ubuntu: How to add a print dialog to an application


I'd like to add a print dialog to my Python + GTK app, and I believe there are at least two methods:

  1. The upstream GTK print dialog
  2. The CUPS print dialog

I'm wondering which would be the recommended one to use for application development. I believe 2. is what Ubuntu uses, so I assume it will work well with indicators and with detecting system printers. However, I haven't been able to find any documentation at all for it.

Any recommendation on the best way to add a print dialog to my app?


It seems that a reasonable way to add printing to your app with Gtk would be the Gtk.PrintOperation. This is supposed to be the high-level, portable version of a print dialog.

In Python, a basic example could look like this:

#!/usr/bin/python  from gi.repository import Gtk    class MyWindow(Gtk.Window):        def __init__(self):          Gtk.Window.__init__(self, title="Hello World Printing")          self.button = Gtk.Button(label="Print A Rectangle")          self.button.connect("clicked", self.on_button_clicked)          self.add(self.button)        def on_button_clicked(self, widget):          pd = Gtk.PrintOperation()          pd.set_n_pages(1)          pd.connect("draw_page", self.draw_page)          result = pd.run(              Gtk.PrintOperationAction.PRINT_DIALOG, None)          print result  # handle errors etc.        def draw_page(self, operation=None, context=None, page_nr=None):          ctx = context.get_cairo_context()          w = context.get_width()          h = context.get_height()          ctx.set_source_rgb(0.5, 0.5, 1)          ctx.rectangle(w*0.1, h*0.1, w*0.8, h*0.8)          ctx.stroke()          return      win = MyWindow()  win.connect("delete-event", Gtk.main_quit)  win.show_all()  Gtk.main()  

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