Ubuntu: How do you package HTML applications for Ubuntu Touch?


Gomobile talks about HTML5 applications but doesn't explain how to package or install them on Ubuntu Phone/Touch.

Is the "Unity Webapps" stuff webapps the same for Ubuntu Touch? (API documentation here appears to be missing.)

Or are there any differences we should be aware of? Thanks!


I'm not sure, but if you are using QT Creator, there is an option under Build->Ubuntu Touch->Create Application Package I haven't tested it out but I think it creates a deb package.

There has been news about the Ubuntu Development team proposing a new packaging format which mainly targets Ubuntu phone and tablets. : UBUNTU MIGHT GET A NEW SIMPLIFIED PACKAGING FORMAT AND APP INSTALLER


Here you will find more informations about the development of apps to Ubuntu Phone/Tablet:

Here you find a specific example of a HTML application for Ubuntu Touch:

And this is about packaging:

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