Ubuntu: How do I store Wine related program files in Ubuntu's partitions?


Hi guys I loved Linux operating systems and trying out new now.

I have installed Ubuntu 12.04. I am using Wine & Playonlinux to run windows programs. I an having a little problem. Whenever I save a edited file its shows option to save in "virtual drive".

How can I access the files from Ubuntu desktop? Is there anyway I can save my files directly to the local partitions of my system?


It should be accessible on drive Z:\ I think, or something similar.

Programs running in wine can definitely access the ubuntu file system.


The c: drive of wine is stored at /home/your_user_name/.wine/dosdevices/c: (obs: /home/your_user_name/.wine/drive_c points to the same place if you prefer).

If using z: drive in wine programs, you will save to your home directory (/home/your_user)


Also, if you run Configure Wine, you can create custom drive locations under the 'drives' tab, though it's generally easy enough to just use z:

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