Ubuntu: How do I solve emacs launcher icon failures?


I've just installed emacs 24 on 12.04 following the instructions here: http://www.mikeyboldt.com/2011/11/30...-24-in-ubuntu/ and though it installs and I can run it from the terminal, I can't get an icon for the app to work in the launcher. I.e. after the first launch, an icon does appear (and I was able to "lock" it in the launcher), but clicking on it doesn't switch me to emacs, nor does an emacs icon show up when switching between applications with alt-tab.

Also, after closing down the app, clicking on the icon that was put in the launchbar, doesn't actually launch emacs.

Where do I find error logs to diagnose this kind of problem? Anybody had something similar happen?


Run this command:

sudo wget http://garethrees.org/2009/08/19/emacs23/emacs.svg -O /usr/share/icon/hicolor/scalable/apps/emacs23.svg  

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