Ubuntu: How do I remove a stuck Nvidia-settings-experimental-310 package?


When I boot up my Linux Box, I get the following message every time:

Sorry a problem occurred while installing software package: nvidia-settings-experimental-310.

I have older video card nvidia 7300 LE that only supports the 304 drivers and would like to resolve this error.

the software package: nvidia-settings-experimental-310 doesn't seem to be installed but its attempting to and I would like to remove this package.

How can I remove this package?


you can simply do that in synaptic package manager . Fillup the search field with nvidia-settings-experimental-310 and that will be listed and you can remove that very easily from there .


Looks like by cleaning ("apt-get clean")the deb packages under var/cache/apt/archives has certainly fixed the problem. I have restarted my box and no more error upon signing into Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

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