Ubuntu: How do I minimize stuff to the System Tray?


In 13.04, How do I make applications (specifically, pidgin, nicotine+, lifeograph, evolution etc..and more) to the indicator area as icons? I need them to be running but need to clear the space in the Launcher.

In 12.10, I had briefly used AllTray. It crashed every time I used it and I did not understand the menu options it presented and what they did. Also the icons it minimized to were having white background, which stood out ugly in the grey ubuntu toolbar.

I had also heard of Devilspie but could not operate it as it seemed too complicated, with lot of options. Would help if there is some reading material available for the setup.

I would like to start these applications minimized to the indicator area at startup itself and keep running in the background.

Is there any software to specifically help me do that, or any documentation or help on how to do that using the two I have mentioned, would be appreciated.


Pidgin has a built in option for this Edit -> Preferences -> System tray icon
set it to always

In thunderbird I use this addon

Some of your other applications may have the option via addon/plugin or have an option for it


Kdocker can minimize any application to the system tray.

I use it with a keyboard shortcut Super+S


There is no way to do this for all programs, but many programs have a built-in option to allow minimizing to the system tray. Once you've enabled this, closing the program will then minimize it to the system tray instead.


I suppose AllTray is the magic word here... I think that little bugger did get all my programs to the tray, inspite of crashing everytime....

Any takers on the Devilspie usage guide?

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