Ubuntu: How do I go back to original 12.04 kernel? [duplicate]


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I wanted to make a custom ISO, so I spent the whole day setting up a partition with all the applications and little tweaks that I thought would be comfortable for 12.04 32-bit.

I'm using Remastersys to do so, and when I went to do so, it said everything went fine, but when I checked under /etc/remastersys, I couldn't find it.

Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place? Anyways, I saw in an article that Remastersys doesn't support the Linux kernel from after the original 12.04 release.

How do I return my kernel to the original version it was in the default 12.04 without having to reinstall the partition and all the applications all over again?


Install synaptic package manager, open it and search for "linux-image". Uninstall all images but the one with the lowest version number and click "Apply". You're done.

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