Ubuntu: How do I get this Mac OS X exposé behavior?


In Mac os x, I can move all windows to the nearest corner by hitting F11 key. I'm just wondering if there is a compiz plugin works like that.

I know that there is Scale plugin already. But all that I want is something like this.

You'll see, press a key and all windows fly off to nearest corner so I can drag/drop file or do something else on my desktop, then press the key again and all windows fly back.


Otherwise here is a link to do exactly what u're asking for. After installation you go to Tweaks -> Workspace then you choose what event each corner triggers


You can use for that scale plugin. Take a look for that.


You can use Skippy-XD for this. It is a full-screen task-switcher for X11 similar to Mac OS X's Exposé feature. To install latest development packages (recommended), use the Skippy-XD PPA (daily).

If you use Xfce, you can easily bind skippy-xd command to Alt + Tab in Settings > Keyboard > Shortcuts. For other DEs it should work similarly.

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