Ubuntu: How do I format my ubuntu partition(ext4) and keep my windows partition?


I want my old family pc to use only windows xp now that I don't use it anymore. However, I have a 200GB ext4 partition, containing ubuntu. Windows does not detect ext4.

I also don't want it booting into GRUB: I want it to boot directly into Windows XP.

How do I do it?


Windows does not detect ext4.

True but it does detect partitions that are not Windows' fat or ntfs. So you can delete the Ubuntu partition from within Windows with a partitioner. No idea what the name is but I do recall Partition Magic from my Windows days.

You can also do this from a Ubuntu live cd with gparted.

also don't want it booting into GRUB

Have a look at the Windows tool fixmbr

enter image description here


Do a Windows XP repair. http://pcsupport.about.com/od/operatingsystems/ss/inst+xprepair1.htm


First boot in windows...

Install Easeus partion manageror any othe partition manage but i prefer easus)

select the ext4 filesystem generally reffered to as "other"

delete it...

create a new partition in theat space so that you can later use it in windows as a drive..

And then to bring back the bootloader... try reading the following links... theay all have almost similar info but the discussions below have some options mentioned as to which changes in commands etc might have to be made for some users,etc...




From my experience doing this, you will need a windows recovery disk in order to get windows running again.

1) Use a live boot ubuntu disk to boot into live,
2) open GParted. Delete your ubuntu partition.
3) Once this is done, reboot
4) Your computer probably wont want to do anything at all at this point
5) Run the windows recovey disk, and check for errors. It will modify the MBR so that windows boot manager takes control.
6) after it does this, it should allow you back into Windows.
7) you can then manage your computer HDD and reallocate your HDD


A safe way would be to download and burn gparted : http://sourceforge.net/projects/gparted/files/gparted-live-stable/

Boot the cd. Change the boot flag on the ntfs partition to active.
Check to see if you now go directly into Windows. Reboot gparted cd
Delete unwanted partitions. Grow NTFS to full size.

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