Ubuntu: How can I use wobbly windows effect on Cinnamon?


I would like to know if possible, then how to achieve Wobbly Windows and cube on Cinnamon GUI ?

I am running Ubuntu 12.04 minimal with cinnamon
MDM is the login manager i use.


To put it simply, you can't. Cinnamon uses a custom Window Manager called Muffin, which does not feature the wobbly windows and cube of Compiz. It may be possible to achieve these with a plugin, but you would have to write it yourself or ask someone on the Mint forums to do it.


There is a wobbly windows extension here:



The short answer is you cannot. If you want compiz like effects there are extensions out there that can do that for you. I was able to get my alt-tab switcher to look similar to compiz with an extension. Unfortunately I haven't seen any that can do cube or wobbly windows. You can get extensions at the cinnamon website. I may write a cube and wobbly windows extension when I do start learning Java script. I am still learning python. So it is possible you just need to wait for an extension to roll around. But running compiz on cinnamon is impossible. If you want your compiz effects try Unity MATE GNOME Classic KDE, or XFCE if you want to spend hours working. (Watch spatry's cup of Linux and his mint 13 xfce bootcamp to get the compiz effects working on xfce.)

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