Ubuntu: How can I tell if I'm using LLVMPIPE?


This question is directly based on a comment/question that can be read here.

I have a netbook with a Radeon X1200 series (RS690M) that's using the radeon driver.

Unfortunately, I'm experiencing serious graphical glitches that make my system unusable. Here is a video I took for illustrative purposes.

Blacklisting the radeon driver only results in an incredibly slow desktop which is equally unusable.

I tried doing what this question suggests to force LLVMPipe to be used (with or without the radeon driver blacklisted), but I experienced the exact same results.

How can I tell if LLVMPipe is being used in the first place?


Run glxinfo | grep renderer on the terminal. You should read something like Gallium 0.4 on llvmpipe (LLVM 0x301).

If glxinfo isn't installed, install it by running sudo apt-get install mesa-utils.


Run glxgears -info - there's field "GL_RENDERER" in which you might get info about software renderer.

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