Ubuntu: How can I prevent my main application window getting black?


I have made an ubuntu app using Quickly in Ubuntu12.04.In that app's main window there are several buttons.Clicking some of them opens new windows of other applications(like, firefox,gnome-sound-recorder) and clicking some of them runs commands in the background(like, html2text,espeak ). Suppose I have clicked a button which opens Sound Recorder.Now if I start recording in the Sound Recorder my main application window gets black. Again when sound recording is done and I close the Sound Recorder window, it becomes normal. I think this part of my code is responsible for this:


What statement(s) should I use instead of the above-mentioned one to prevent my main application window going black?

I have tried using the following statements:

child_pid = os.fork()  if child_pid == 0:      os.system('gnome-sound-recorder')  else:      return  

Now, the main app window doesn't get black.But, now if I close Sound Recorder my main app window gets closed.What do I need to change?


I think you want to look at the subprocess module which allows you to spawn new processes without hanging your main app until they quit.


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