Ubuntu: How can I obtain the default configuration files of apache2?


I need to obtain the default configuration files of a fresh, vanilla apache2. Is there any way or place to obtain them? Any help is appreciated.

Note: Other than the objective of this similar question I do not want to mess with the current existing apache2 installation in any way, shape, or form. I just want to learn the content of the default configuration files in order to compare them to the current configuration.


The straightforward way:

  1. Go to packages.ubuntu.com
  2. Search for package name
  3. Open the package page, e.g, apache2
  4. Click on architecture, and download
  5. Create temporary folder: mkdir apache_temp
  6. Run dpkg -x apache2_2.4.6-2ubuntu2_i386.deb apache_temp
  7. Default configuration files are located under apache_temp/etc/apache2.

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