Ubuntu: How can I make the icons larger and/or clearer in Classic Menu Indicator?


I use the classic menu indicator and I've noticed that the icons are small and blurry. At first I thought that it was the icon theme that just didn't have icons at that size, so I tried various other themes and they were all blurry too. Is it possible to go into Dconf-Editor or something like that to set the icon size to something larger? Thanks

The icons are blurry


Making the icons clearer

The option that should makes icons larger doesn't work, probably because it's constrained by the overall Ubuntu font size setting, but here's how to make the icons less blurry (clearer).

  • In /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/classicmenu_indicator/cmindicator.py, find this at or around line 97:

    pixbuf.scale_simple(width, self.icon_size, gtk.gdk.INTERP_BILINEAR)

  • and change the last part to:

    pixbuf.scale_simple(width, self.icon_size, gtk.gdk.INTERP_HYPER)

  • This uses a better algorithm for scaling to the icons to the smaller size, and they look better -- compare before (left) and after (right), at 500% magnification:

    enter image description here

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