Ubuntu: How can I install nbconvert?


I tried installing nbconvert via the instructions on their readme. The curl line and the pip install line worked flawlessly, but I can't decipher what is meant by:

You will need to either put the source repository in your $PATH or symlink the nbconvert.py script, as well as the css and js subdirectories to a directory in your $PATH.

Any idea where pip installed the app? What's this business about $PATH?


First, download the source and keep it in a folder where you will not move it.

Second, you need to create a symbolik link between the nbconvert.py file, the css and js directories to your $PATH variable with the following command:

sudo ln -s /path_of_source/nbconvert.py /path_of_source/css/ /path_of_source/js/ /usr/bin/


cd /path_of_source/  echo "export PATH=\$PATH:nbconvert.py:js:cdd" >> ~/.profile  reset  

Now you will be available to execute the software from the terminal with nbconvert

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