Ubuntu: How can I download from 4shared.com via terminal? [duplicate]


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How do I use wget/curl to download from a site I am logged into?

I want to ask if I can download from 4shared.om via terminal? I tried to use

wget http://dc379.4shared.com/download/cm3oo7bA/Applied_radiological_Anatomy.pdf?tsid=20120817-033302-fa3ef03c  


wget --max-redirect=1000 http://dc379.4shared.com/download/cm3oo7bA/Applied_radiological_Anatomy.pdf?tsid=20120817-033302-fa3ef03c  


curl http://dc379.4shared.com/download/cm3oo7bA/Applied_radiological_Anatomy.pdf?tsid=20120817-033302-fa3ef03c  

but none of them do the task. Can you help me?


Well,I just downloaded it.

In your first command you used

wget http://dc379.4shared.com/download/cm3oo7bA/Applied_radiological_Anatomy.pdf?tsid=20120817-033302-fa3ef03c  

instead of that use only upto the .pdf extension. That is

wget http://dc379.4shared.com/download/cm3oo7bA/Applied_radiological_Anatomy.pdf  


You can't download directly from 4shared. 4shared does not allow to download directly. You can download directly if you have premium account but cannot download from terminal.


Thanks to nitstorm:

I followed these steps and it works:

  1. I installed Export cookies plugin in Firefox.

  2. I open the file page on 4shared and choose "download" then "free download" then copied the link as in this screenshot.

  3. I saved the cookies to cookies.txt and use the following command

    wget --load-cookies=cookies.txt http://{the link i copied}  

It works.

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